Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis The Season

Our stake does a live nativity every year. Over a four day period, around 40,000 people came to see the baby Jesus. Each night there was a different baby Jesus. Last year, Brooklyn got to be a baby Jesus and Brian and I were Joseph and Mary. 
This year we had to wait in line to see the the nativity, an hour and a half to be exact!! It was pretty cold outside, but fire pits were spread around the line to keep us somewhat warm.

We wrapped up in hats, coats, boots and blankets.

We saw the camels,

Wise Men,

lamas, and many other animals walking around like goats, chickens, and lambs.
It is set up like a small market with a potter, women at a well, wood worker, bread maker, lepers, and an inn with an inn keeper. After you weave your way through the market, you see a baby lying in a manger while soft music is playing.

 If you haven't seen a live nativity, I would recommend you go. It is a pretty neat experience!!

A few days later we went to our ward Christmas Party at classic skating. Santa ("claus" as Brooklyn calls him) came to see all of the good little girls and boys. Brooklyn was not having anything to do with him. This is as close as she would get.

And there was still some fight involved.

She did, however, love the candy cane he gave her :) 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bring on the Heat

I figured that I would quickly post this one. I have been quite the slacker when it comes to blogging and figured that I might be motiviated if I get right on it.
Last night we went to the Jazz game!! They played a fierce Miami Heat team, which have a line up stacked with superstars such as "King James," Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. (This is just another one of those teams trying to buy themselves a chamionship) The Heat have been on a winning streak and we had hoped to squash their momentum, but instead fueled it. It looked like we might of had a chance to beat them in the beginning of the fourth quarter but they soon put that to rest. We had a great time anyway!!
All I had with me was my phone camera so our pics turned out a little blurry.

I got the little miss a jersey to match her daddy. Now I am the only one left with the old one:) I guess that is how it goes. As a mom you take care of everyone else first. Brooklyn always has a good time at the game. When I took her out to change her, she motioned for me to take her back in. She dances almost evertime the music plays and she likes to watch the Jazz dancers. Another funny thing she does these days is waves and says "hi" to complete strangers, whether we are at a Jazz game or the grocery store. The people around us were quite entertained with her "hi"s and "hi guys".

I bet you can't guess who our favorite player is....

We sat next to Trevor and Amanda. I caught Trev, in action, as he was air drumming with all his might trying to get on the jumbotron. 

We will be watching the next game at home. We never miss one(thanks to DVR)!! Actually for the last couple of months, my brother, Gareth, and sister-in-law, Anna, have been coming over every friday night to watch. We put the little B to bed and we all get to hang out. Good times, go Jazz!!
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