Tuesday, March 22, 2011

18 Months

I can't believe our little girl is already 18 Months old!! We went to the doctor to see how she measures up. 
Height = 33 in. (85%)
Weight = 22.5 lbs (25%)
Head Circumference = 19 in. (90%)
Yep, still tall and skinny! We are actually really happy with her weight. Even though she is pretty light she is still gaining weight. Her last appt. she was in the 15 percentile for weight so we are glad to see she is climbing the scale. She is pretty picky but we have been working on it and she is getting a lot better at eating :) However, the poor girl has been sick with croup (her first time) this last week and the doctor gave us some seroids to get rid of the barking cough.

Some 18 month pics...

Who says you need to wait for rain....to wear rain boots

Monday, March 21, 2011


I recently had my first experience with poop in the tub. (Believe me I am very grateful I made it this far!!) Brooklyn loves her baths, as you can tell by the video on a previous post :) So one day she is having a good old time splashing away when she suddenly stops and tells me "poo-poo." (This is becoming the norm these days. She will tell me when she has gone "poo-poo" or "pee-pee.") Right after she told me, suddenly there were tub floaties everywhere. It freaked her out!! She quickly stood up, and while whimpering, reached her arms up saying "up" over and over again. I quickly grapped the slippery little lady and scrubbed her off in mine and Brian's shower. Since then she is freaked out about it happening again. If she feels like she needs to go, she will tell me she need to get out and she asks for a diaper to be put on asap. Who knew she would be so concerned about her bowel movements?!

P.S. I left the pictures out of this one for a reason :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last minute on Saturday March 5th we decided to go to Jimmer's last game playing in the Marriott Center. We had to pay a small fortune for the tickets but it was worth it!! He scored 32 points in the 102 77 win against wyoming.

Since it was so last minute Brooklyn didn't get to wear her BYU cheerleading outfit but believe me she has one!

She still cheered on her Team!

Brian will make sure this little girl loves BYU sports!! He is teaching her how to say Jimmer, or maybe teaching her "how to Jimmer" :)

On the way home we stopped by the hospital to see Bethanie's new baby. And I had to take some pictures of this precious little girl. She has olive skin and very dark hair. My sister's other child, Willliam, has blonde hair and blue eyes, they couldn't be more opposite. Brooklyn was not such a big fan of me holding her and the whole time in the hospital would say, "shhhh baby na night."

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