Wednesday, November 2, 2011


On Halloween Eve we decided to carve pumpkins. This was Brooklyn's first opportunity at such an experience. You can tell how much she liked cleaning out the "punkins."

To quote her specifically I think she used the words, "Hold your nose, kaka poo poos."

However, Brooklyn loved the results!!
The one on the left represents Brian and he carved it. The one in the middle represents Brooklyn, and maybe the little one on the way. The one on the left represents me. Brian suprised me by putting a little baby pumpkin inside the one I carved. If you look close, you might be able to see the face he drew on it just off to the left side of the witch :) 
Our porch was ready for Halloween.

* Trunk-or-Treat *

Last minute, Brooklyn's grandma Debi made her a Minnie Dress. I think it turned out so adorable and she did such an amazing job making it!! We started out the night at Brian's parents ward trunk-or-treat. We thought it would be easier for her than going house to house and we also wanted her grandparents to see her.

She had to analyze frankenstein as was a lot bigger than the one we had at our house!!

She got plenty of "Grandma" and "Papa" time.

* Trick-or-Treat*

After the Trunk-or-Treat, we went to my parents for some Trick-or-Treating. My dad took Brooklyn to a few houses as well as some of her cousins. It brought back memories of my dad taking us Trick-or-Treating to as many houses as we could before we got too tired.
While we were there we got a picture with her grandma, because a picture with "Papa" wasn't going to happen. Brooklyn loves her grandmas!!

 The little B got to see a few of her cousins (a pirate, iron man, and spiderman) as well.

{ :) We had a spooktacular halloween (: }
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