Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Beautiful Girl - 21 months

So I am going to try to catch up on all of the blogging I have not been doing lately so there might be quite a few posts coming. I thought I would start out with Brooklyn's recent pictures. I found this calendar photo contest through a friend and entered a picture of B. Lets be honest, I entered for the free pics and she ended up being chosen for the shoot. The photographer is Melanie Schramm and a few other people were involved in the shoot including another photographer, stylist, makeup artist, and seamstress. The clothes were specifically made for each kid. The calendar will be sold throughout the country by walmart and a couple of other stores. Brooklyn will be in the month of april. The shoot was a little challenging considering there were six babies all under the age of 2.

These are some of the pictures that were not chosen for the calendar so we get the copyrights.

She was being such a ham on this couch. She was dancing for everyone there and got all of the parents to clap for her.

Some recent updates about this precious girl.....
- We got rid of the binki about a month and a half ago (she only struggled for a couple of days) :)
- She is starting to talk in sentences and tells me constantly what is going on around her. These are some recent things that I can think of that she has said lately "see there's a birdie," "look mama, a horse," and "two pink shoes."
- She knows almost all of her colors and the ABCs to G. 
- She loves to copycat things we say.
- Sometimes she will call Brian and I, mommy and daddy instead of mama and dada and I love it!!
- She loves to be outside all day long and the only way I can get her to come in, is to bribe her. (Yes I know I am already starting good habits)
- She still loves mickey mouse clubhouse and elmo.
- She really likes to pretend play. (ex. acting like she is drinking or eating and then will say "nummy nummy")
- She loves getting her toe nails painted and will ask for "more paint."
- Everything has become "I do." So it takes a little longer to do the simple things :)
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