Monday, April 4, 2011

Pajama Monster


She feeds on excess energy and bounces off the walls with silliness right before bedtime.

She will chase you and wants to be chased.

Fueled by an endless supply of giggles, she begs for tickles.

She'll gobbles up books and ravages through toys.

She conceals herself

then suddenly without notice, appears again just so you know she's got her eyes on you.

Sometime she utters a scary "Boo!!"

But when the MONSTER tuckers out she always falls fast asleep :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Miss Independent

The little miss started Nursery this last Sunday. (She could have gone the week earlier but I did not want any of the other kids to be exposed to croup.) It is pretty pathetic but it made me a little sad. I feel like she is not old enough to be anywhere on her own. I saw a glimpse of what it is going to feel like on her first day of school. I got a picture of her on our way out the door.

Our ward has enough kids to have two nurseries. I think there is roughly 12 in the younger class.

I would say she did pretty well at sharing. She is use to being around other kids a few days a week when she gets watched by my mom with some of her cousins and when she goes to the neighbors house she plays with one or two other kids. These are some of her new friends: Savannah, Beckham, Maddie, Eli, Max, and Harlie. Atleast those are some of the names I remembered.

Such a big girl  :)
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