Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This is the start of my attempt to get our blog up to date. In October we went to the this adorable farm right down the street from us that has a very cute little pumpkin patch and found our pumpkins.
Brooklyn was not about sticking her hand in the pumpkin this year, but being her dainty self, was trying to clean it out with a little spoon one seed at a time.:)
She was, however, loving painting the pumpkins.
Braden was all about sticking his hands in and getting dirty. He was loving squishing the pumpkin goo inbetween his fingers and trying to eat it!!
Just a few of our creations......spooky cat, Minnie, and Rapunzel. Can you tell who made the requests? :)
I took a few pics of the kids before we went trick-or-treating. We were so lucky this year to have such great weather.

The Cowardly Lion
My sweethearts
A little bit of Oz!!
The whole family plus Todo a.k.a. Izzy, Brian's parents yorkie. Also not pictured, we had a hand held scarecrow.
Brian made his costume out of spray painted poster board and completed it with a car funnel. It was so funny because he got all excited about making it. We had so much fun!!
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