Wednesday, September 15, 2010

biRthDaY GirL


The party decorations were up and there were cupcakes galore! We also made some tissue paper flowers to add a girly touch.

There were cupcake ballons,

cupcake plates and napkins,

and even yummy chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. We had so much fun decorating these with different icing tips. If you notice we even made some with the letter "B" on them. Brooklyn's party hat was kind of a funny story. I made it at work with office supplies and cut out the letters by hand. (Don't tell my boss!!) The actual hat is a file folder :) However, I had to go to the craft store for the fluffy pink stuff.

We had a full house.... Both families came and a couple of close friends is all. Which made roughly thirty people!! It adds up quickly when you are the baby of six and most of your siblings have kids!

Brooklyn was wearing her birthday outfit that included a cupcake on the shirt.
William (below), Brooklyn's cousin, is not to far behind her. He will be one in about 7 weeks.

There were plenty of kids rummaging through her toys.

And my sweet grandma came at the ripe old age of 90.

Then Brooklyn had her own cupcake...

 I had to help her blow out the candle but she gave it a good try. Who cares about spit when it is your own cake?!

 She is such a girl. She is very dainty about things and is so methodical about everything she does. My sister always laughs at her because everything she does she points her toes.

She had to have a little taste of the frosting to get her started. We took her shirt off so it wouldn't get dirty but underneath was her birthday onesie which also had a cupcake on it.

And then frosting went everywhere, in her hair, on her clothes, down her arms, etc.



Messiest. The high chair was covered.

After she got through the frosting, she finally decided that the cake tasted pretty good.

PreSEnT TiMe
We did a quick wet wipe bath and then it was present time. She got some really fun toys!! Including a ride on toy, a fisher price train, and musical drums.

And a lot of cute clothes.

She also got some fun books. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which is her favorite!!  The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse use to be Brooklyn's and Grandma's little secret. She would watch it everyday that she was at Grandma's house and dance to the Hotdog song. Then she told us about it and word has spread, now everyone knows how much she loves those characters. She will literally sit through the entire episode.

She recieved a tooth brush that she would not put down.

And look how cute this little build-a-bear is! It had a cute shirt with a cupcake on it and bows on the ears that look like pig tails. It looks just like Brooklyn!! Her cousin Baylor made it, with love, along with a little help from his parents :)

September 13th was her actual birthday so I took the day off so we could spend the whole day together! She started off the day by sleeping in until 9:30am. She has been sleeping at least 12 hours at night, no matter how late she goes to bed!! It makes for a happier baby, we love it!

We spent a lot of the day outside. She loves to be outside more than anything and cries when she has to come in.
Here she is trying out the swing Brian and I got her for her birthday.

We had an open space on our swing set and this fit perfectly in there. She also absolutely loves the slide. She will go down either on your lap or hold your hands down.

She even got to ride in her big girl carseat. When I saw a 3-in-1 carseat I was sold. It will last her through the rest of the time she needs a carseat.

For birthday dinner, the little miss had her first kids meal. It was a kids quesadilla. She was sharing with grandma. "A little for me, a little for you."

My little sweetheart...

All of a sudden I am realizing that my baby is no longer a baby :( She is getting to be such a big girl and so independent.

A year ago our heavenly father gave us a miracle, a perfect little girl!!

In those big beautiful blue eyes..
I see a reason to believe.
And I thank my heavenly father every night for the gift I recieved.
I want to give her the sun, moon, and stars.
And show her the smile she puts in my heart.
I'll be there to wipe her tears.
And take away her fears.
Someday I hope she can see how happy she makes me.
I can't believe I get to be her mommy.
Happy Birthday to our princess, our world, our everything!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Snow turned Moss

On Friday September 3rd, a Snow turned Moss!! I only phrase it that way since Trevor Moss asked Sandee Snow to marry him the same way, "Sandee Snow will you turn Moss?" While at the temple, something happened that I have never seen before. While the photographer was taking pictures of Sandee in the cutouts at the top of the stairs by the doors, a humming bird came up to her flowers. It lasted all but a few seconds but you better believe that photographer's finger was going almost as fast as those little wings. Sandee looked very beautiful in her dress.

We could only get a picture with Trev since the bride was already busy giving her greetings. He looked so handsome and very happy this day finally came. We jokingly told him that he is part of "THE CLUB" now and Sandee is such a fun girl so I am excited that she decided to join as well.

We had some down time while the two of them went off to take pictures. So we played with the little girl and took some pictures.

Brooklyn was practicing her walking.

The sun was in the perfect position to take a picture.

At the reception we decorated Trevor's car along with Clayton and Brandee Cullimore. Clayton and Trevor are also good friends.  I would say that the decorating turned out pretty conservative. We felt that we had to do it that way since her dad was the temple sealer. We filled the inside with balloons and had a "Just Married" on the back windshield. The antenna was covered with a condom and some granny panties were draped over Trevor's headrest. I did one of the side windows that said "Too fast Too furious."
The front windshield was all Brian. Except that pregnancy test on the dash, that was Brandee. (This was only a joke but seriously....I bet they are pregnant within 6 months). Brandee also put a "Toy" in the glove box for their eyes only!!

Looks much better with him actually inside.

We also helped Trev pop the question, along with his sister Mindy and I never got a chance to post them. So I figured this would be the perfect time to! We setup at Sandee's sister's house, where she would never expect it. This is what she saw when she walked in.

I love that she was truly suprised. This is when he uttered those famous words...

And last but not least......THE BLING!!
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