Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Papa's Secretary

Hello....Papa's office, can I help you?
Oh hi Grandma...let me get him.

 Papa.....Grandma would like to speak with you

Ok....I will transfer her

All in a days work :)

Brooklyn Hits the Slopes

Brian took the little miss skiing for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I missed out on the action being that I was 8 months pregnant and all.

She used the smallest ski boots and skis the rental shop had.

Poor girl was so sad that she couldn't go down the big hills. Maybe next year :)

Go Jazz!!

We have had the opportunity to go to a few Jazz games this year already and we are very happy they actually got to have a season at all this year!

Ringing In The New Year

On New Years Eve we went to the annual dinner at Stein Ericksen. You may remember last year at this dinner I found out I had a shellfish allergy:(

The only difference was that this was Bs first time joining us. She played with toys at the table.

Oh how she loves her Trevor.

She was spoiled with some sparkling cider.

And played in the giant gingerbread house. Notice the giant gummy bears in the window! This thing was amazing!! 

Walking to the room from dinner. Oh how I love these two!

The next day her cousins came up.
Cousin love....

We also took some time to check out the scenery :)

The highlight of the weekend.....
The little miss or should I say our big girl is now potty trained!! She had interest about 6 months prior but we missed the window and luckily she became interested again and so we ran with it over the christmas/new year break. It was the perfect time because we had the time to go and sit on the potty every twenty minutes the first few days while she got the hang of it :)

All Was Merry and Bright

Christmas morning at the Olsen household.....
Once Brooklyn saw her roller coaster setup in the family room she didn't want to open/play with anything else. (obviously not her in this picture just a reference for size:))
It only took a few times before she was on and off it all by herself and pulling it up the track to go down again.

Another one of her other favorites was the "fishy game."

A little christmas dancing. "Roll it, roll it" as she calls is.

Mickey and Minnie showed up at grandma and papa's house

Brooklyn also got to hold her new cousin "baby Lexis," with help of course.

We opened lots of gifts....

Even one for the our little guy :) He got some sweet BYU gear.

Brooklyn and Baylor got some gear too. She got a new cheerleader outfit complete with pom poms.

One of my favortie gifts was a cricut.

One of Brian's favorite gifts was his new glock handgun.

We also got to see some of my family at my 91 year old grandma's house. This is becoming more and more rare these days :(
My family is getting so big it is hard for everyone to be there at the same time.

 My mom watching "Mickey" with the little miss.

We had a very Merry Christmas filled with so much love and time well spent with family and friends!!
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