Friday, May 28, 2010

Blair Trane's Wedding

On Saturday, my friend Blair got hitched to her boyfriend of two years, Logan Ewell. It was beautiful!! Her colors where Black and Tiffany Blue. Blair loves her Tiffany jewelry and she has "Traned" Logan well, because his gift to her were some Tiffany Earrings.
Blair looked gorgeous!! Her dress looked like it was made just for her. The silhouette fit her perfectly and even made her look a little taller!! Which is good, due to the fact that Logan is six feet tall. I learned over the weekend, that he is called the midget in his family. All of his brothers are around 6'4".
These were her bridesmaids Kirsty (right), Lauren (middle), McCall (middle left), Kate (left), and I. Blair, Lauren, Kirsty and I all went to the same junior high and high school. However, the three of us were good friends but it wasn't until college that we started hanging out with Blair. McCall and Blair have been friends since they we just small, because their moms are good friends and went to high school together. Kate and Blair are really close. Blair started Nannying her when she was only three and she is now thirteen.
Blair and I became really good friends after I got married. I love Blair and I am so grateful for her friendship. Blair always use to joke around with me and tell me that I couldn't have a baby until she was in a serious relationship with someone that she wanted to marry. Lucky for her, I waited! About eight months after they started dating, I got pregnant :)

Kirsty and I have been friends since we were two and grew up next door to each other.
They had a photo booth at the wedding and this was the result. I thought it was a pretty cute idea!!
Blair and Logan are a couple that we hang out with quite a bit.  They are so cute together but are complete opposites. He is so shy and she isn't at all. She is constantly breaking him out of his shell!!

This is the four of us when we went California a couple of summers ago.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Discovery Channel Nerd...

Flipping throught channels on a tuesday night and some sort of shark pops up:

Brian: Did you know that the whale shark is the biggest fish in the ocean?

Me: No

Brian: Did you know that sharks don't have bones, they have cartilage?

Me: You are such a nerd!!

We weren't even watching Discovery Channel when he was saying this. He just rattles this stuff off from time to time. Don't get me wrong I find the DC to be pretty interesting/entertaining, I just don't retain the information like he does. I always tell him that I think he should be on a game show, because he knows so many crazy facts about all kinds of things. I guess that is what you get when you spend the majority of your TV watching time on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and ESPN. It is ok though because I would rather have this, then the finance jargon slip out.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

8 Months!!

About a week ago I walked into Brooklyn's room in the morning and found her like this, standing up all on her own. When she wakes up she has some pretty cute bed hair, and this is how she got the nickname, "Crazy Hair." (There is that little pointing finger again)
She is learning so many new things like using furniture to stand and crawling pretty efficiently, but she has yet to cruise furniture. I am continually finding things in her mouth that shouldn't be there and vacuuming a lot more often.
However, this is no longer sufficient for her, she is now trying to stand up all on her own.
She loves to read and eat books (with her four teeth). This is her favorite, "Little Chick"
She also loves her tongue. I think those teeth feel a little funny to her.
And when she has used up all of her energy she takes longer naps than she use to, which is so helpful to getting things done around the house.
She is also understanding a lot more and will now give snuggles, lay on our sholders, and sometimes even fall asleep that way. It feels so rewarding!! She now says lots of gibberish and is learning how to make different sounds, the latest being "ba ba ba." 
I love being Brooklyn's mom and feel so blessed to have her! Sometimes I look at her and think there is no way she can be mine because she is so beautiful. Granted....I am a little bias.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caitlin Millie Breagger

7 lbs 6oz
18.5 inches long
Born at 12:44 am

Just a few pictures I took using my new camera :)

My sister had been dilated to a five and 100% effaced for two weeks now, so needless to say we thought Caitlin was going to come a lot sooner, but she ending up having her only a week away from her due date. Alicia has been really sick this pregnancy, even to the point of having to receive IVs in order to achieve adequate nutrition. She only gained 6 pounds her entire pregnancy, so we were pleasantly surprised at how big she came out.
I thought I would share a little bit of Alicia's delivery experience since it is quite a unique story. As I have said before, in my family after your first baby the next ones come quite quickly. The doctor called her late on 05/09/10 and said that there were very few women at the hospital and if she wanted to come in and have the baby this would be a perfect time. So she went in around 10:00 pm and they started a slow pitocin drip around 11:30 pm. She started to feel a few contractions around 12:00 am. She went to the bathroom around 12:20 am and while in there her water broke. Then she laid back on the bed and told the nurse that she was ready for the epidural. She also told the nurse that she was having the urge to push. When the nurse sat her up to check her, she saw the babies head crowning. The nurse yelled down the hall to the doctor and he litterally ran in and caught the baby!! No Gown, No Gloves, No Epidural, No Time!!! She didn't have to push once and had maybe ten contractions. The doctor said that it was a good thing that she didn't start her labor on her own because she would have never made it to the hospital!!
The boys happy to see their mom :)
Caitlin and her favorite aunt!!
Proud Grandpa of 10 (4 girls, 6 boys) sharing his birthday with this new little princess!
Proud Great Grandma of 10 (my dad is an only child)!
My Brother and his wife, Anna, with the baby
Gareth holding his B Bear
Brooklyn with her new baby cousin and new best friend! However, she has lots of cousins to play with her same age. On my side there is Samuel, William, and Caitlin and on Brian's side there is Baylor. It is crazy to think that little B was once this small, plus an extra pound and a half when she came out. You forget how small they are. She is growing up way too fast!!
These two already share a bond, if you take Caitlin's  and Brooklyn's middle names you get "Millie Marie," which was my Great Grandmother's name.
Brooklyn pointing at Caitlin (She points at everything these days!)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Other Fun Birthday Pics

These are some more birthday pics that Debi, Brian's mom, gave me from Monday.

Grandpa and Grandma Olsen with Brooklyn and Baylor.
Debi took this when I picked up little B after work.
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