Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Snow turned Moss

On Friday September 3rd, a Snow turned Moss!! I only phrase it that way since Trevor Moss asked Sandee Snow to marry him the same way, "Sandee Snow will you turn Moss?" While at the temple, something happened that I have never seen before. While the photographer was taking pictures of Sandee in the cutouts at the top of the stairs by the doors, a humming bird came up to her flowers. It lasted all but a few seconds but you better believe that photographer's finger was going almost as fast as those little wings. Sandee looked very beautiful in her dress.

We could only get a picture with Trev since the bride was already busy giving her greetings. He looked so handsome and very happy this day finally came. We jokingly told him that he is part of "THE CLUB" now and Sandee is such a fun girl so I am excited that she decided to join as well.

We had some down time while the two of them went off to take pictures. So we played with the little girl and took some pictures.

Brooklyn was practicing her walking.

The sun was in the perfect position to take a picture.

At the reception we decorated Trevor's car along with Clayton and Brandee Cullimore. Clayton and Trevor are also good friends.  I would say that the decorating turned out pretty conservative. We felt that we had to do it that way since her dad was the temple sealer. We filled the inside with balloons and had a "Just Married" on the back windshield. The antenna was covered with a condom and some granny panties were draped over Trevor's headrest. I did one of the side windows that said "Too fast Too furious."
The front windshield was all Brian. Except that pregnancy test on the dash, that was Brandee. (This was only a joke but seriously....I bet they are pregnant within 6 months). Brandee also put a "Toy" in the glove box for their eyes only!!

Looks much better with him actually inside.

We also helped Trev pop the question, along with his sister Mindy and I never got a chance to post them. So I figured this would be the perfect time to! We setup at Sandee's sister's house, where she would never expect it. This is what she saw when she walked in.

I love that she was truly suprised. This is when he uttered those famous words...

And last but not least......THE BLING!!

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