Friday, December 11, 2009


This Thanksgiving we had the opportunity to go to Idaho Falls to see Brian's grandpa Alvey and great grandma Young, who is the ripe old age of 98. This is Brian with his mom, Debi, and his grandpa Alvey (Debi's Dad) and Brooklyn.

We went to rehabilitation center to see Brooklyn's great great grandma Young. How many people can say they have a picture with a great great grandparent? It was an amazing experience to sit and talk with her. She is still very with it and can tell you plenty of stories. She thought it was pretty neat that Brooklyn and her both have birthdays in September.

This is Brooklyn in her first thanksgiving outfit.

This is Brian, Debi, grandma Young, and Linda (Debi's aunt).

This is Kathy, Debi's sister, playing with Brooklyn.

Brian and Trevor got talking with Dar, Kathy's husband, and grandpa Alvey about finances.

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