Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A new addition to our family....or should I say family room

Brian has been so excited for this since October. It just got completed last week (a few months earlier than expected) and it is his pride and joy!!
This is litterally the only place in our house that is fits! So this is the compromise.....we will have it up for a while and then it will have to find a new home. It is not that I don't like it. I would even say that I like hunting more than your average girl, but above our family room couch? The thing is that it doesn't look bad, I actually kind of like it. I just wish we had a little bit more room and a better spot for it.
Plus we have more challenges to come, with Brian's sights set on an elk that he has been waiting twelve years to draw out for, we will have to find a spot for that one too. Hey, at least I know we won't go hungry!! 


  1. Way to go Brian! That's a pretty big deer. And way to go Britnie for being supportive and letting him put it up.

  2. Oh noooo. You are a better wife than me. I still remember being over at Amy's and seeing a dead deer hanging upside down in Brian's garage. Haha.

  3. Better wife than me too... and do you guys really eat it??? I could maybe do jerky, but that's a maybe :)

    It is a HUGE deer though. I never got to see it in person. kudos to Brian!

  4. The jerky is good and so are the pepper sticks other than that I don't really eat a lot unless it is seasoned well. But we give a lot away too. My dad really likes it.


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