Thursday, March 25, 2010

The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune....

Brian's grandpa Burke had his 80th birthday party this last weekend, but his actual birthday is today! Happy Birthday Grandpa!! It came as a suprise to most of us that he was letting Brian's grandma throw a party for him, because if you know this sweet man, he doesn't like to make a big deal about things. It was so cute because Burke turned out to be really excited about the whole thing and was a really good sport. It was neat that both sides of the family could be there, Burke and his kids, grandchildren, and great grandchildren and Verla and her kids, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. This was him opening his gifts with a boyish grin on his face.

We even took this opportunity to take a few pictures of the family since we only get together a few times a year and everyones kids are growing so fast. This is Brian's cousin Jenny and her husband Ben and their little girl Rebekah (whose twin brother is not shown because he slept almost the entire time!!!). Brooklyn was fasinated by her, as you can tell. We couldn't even get her to look at the camera.
Us with Russ and Debi.
Our little princess had her picture taken with her great grandma, her grandpa, and her great uncle Jim (who traveled all the way from Iowa for this party).
Alyson, Brian's cousin, posed for him when he took her picture.
And finally the big family photo with several people missing, who couldn't make it to the party.
We had a lot of fun!!


  1. Cute pictures!! I'm sad we couldn't be there for it, but at least we got to see you guys for a while.

  2. How fun! I was sooooo sad that we had to miss it. Of all the weekends, seriously! Glad Grandpa Burke had such a fun party, he's the best!


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