Friday, June 18, 2010

Birthday, Graduation, Memorial Day and Anniversary

The past few weeks we have been crazy busy it has just been one thing after another. This will be a long post but I just wanted to get our blog caught up. First, it was my Grandma Gardiner's 90th birthday!! My family met at a restaurant to eat and then it was back to our house for cake and ice cream.
The little ones hovered around the cake.
My sister, Bethanie, gave Brooklyn some birthday cake for the first time. She made quite a mess with it but she loved it!!
I also tested out my photography skills on my neice Caitlin. One of my goals is to learn digital photography. Right now I am just learning how to play with editting software.
Just a couple of hours later we were off to Brian's brother's gaduation. Russ graduated from Westminster with his MBA. Russ and Debi had a BBQ at their house afterward.
Memorial day was the Welling (my grandma's maiden name) family reunion. I have not seen the majority of them since I was last in Fielding when I was six years old. Every family got their picture taken and this was ours.
We spent our anniversary weekend at Stein Erickson Lodge and had some fun in the sun! Remember this sweet ride? Little miss B had a blast with it. She realized that if she kicked her legs she could swim around all by herself and no one had to push her.

We also went fishing with little B for the first time. It was a whole new world to her and we even let her touch it!! Grandpa Olsen bought her a pink fishing pole!! She is still too young to use it but she will have plenty of other opportunities in the future!


  1. You guys have been busy! Looks like Brooklyn did have a blast in the pool! We need to get her and Baylor up there together. AND... oh my gosh, her 9 month pictures are DARLING! Michelle said they were adorable and I've been so anxious to see them. They are seriously so cute!


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