Thursday, July 15, 2010

Anna's Birthday Party

My sister-in-law Anna turned 27 on the 8th of July. For her birthday we went out to dinner with her and my brother and some of their friends. We went to their favorite restaurant, Tepanyaki. Our cook was so hilarious. Brian kept trying to tease him and joke with him (like he does at every restaurant). The food was so yummy!!
Gareth  and Anna have been married since October. Anna and I have gotten along so well from the beginning. She is the perfect fit into our family. She is the sweetest person and the one girl who can put my brother in his place!!

Brooklyn has fun with Anna too!! She watches Brooklyn from time to time while I am at work when Debi or my Mom can't. Gareth is so good with her too. He loves kids and loves to play with her. She let him walk her around the restaurant.

The big group of us. These are my brother's best friends Jordan and Travis and their girlfriends, who are best friends.

The little miss was not quite sure about Anna snapping a picture of her.

Brooklyn has become attached to this blanket. She loves to snuggle it right by her face. It is so funny, it is this little recieving blanket that came in a pack but she only wants this one. This little girl loves to snuggle these days. Like this, right on my lap. I can't get enough of it!! She never wanted anything to do with it before so I hope it will last!

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  1. Love that Brooklyn has a favorite blanket! That is so cute :) You better get backups before she loses it. Adalae started walking the middle of June... finally! Hehe it is definitely interesting with her being mobile now though. Let's get together soon. Don't be a stranger :)


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