Monday, July 19, 2010

Fish Away

This is Brian's dream.... Seriously, he has talked about getting one for so long and we finally did it. We got a boat. Granted it is not some extravagant wakeboarding machine, but it is a nice little 12 foot aluminum fishing boat. We knew we had to get it when the number 13 was displayed on the top of the motor. It was just the sign we needed. It is so crazy!! Our lives have revolved around the number 13 without us even thinking about it. Don't worry we aren't some crazy voodoo people who seek out certain numbers, it just so happens that anything important in our lives has involved the number somehow. It was only fitting that Brooklyn happened to be born on the 13th!!
Anyway, here is a picture of the oldie goldie herself. (Yes, I am making it a she who has yet to be named.) It is a 1975 Sears. It will make for some fun weekends at the cabin lot.

This weekend we took it out for a putt putt around the lake by the cabin lot. It started up first try!! The little miss hated her life jacket. We are going to have to take it back and trade it for something that does not choke her, and one that will still allow movement of her extremities. Maybe Disney should stick to their day job and not reach out to the water safety consumers.

Also, this weekend we had a family reunion at wheeler farm and I couldn't help but snag some pictures of Brooklyn's first time feeding the ducks/geese with her daddy.


  1. Congrats on the boat, so exciting!! Coby is sooo into fishing too. His first boat actually came from the bottom of the lake that some guy pulled out :) Despite where it came from it was actually a good boat and had no problems. He has since then gone in with his dad and brother on a much nicer one. We'll have to get together sometime and go!

  2. That's so fun for you guys! We are definitely game for the zoo. Just let me know when :)


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