Monday, August 23, 2010

Trevor and Amanda's Wedding

On Saturday, August 7th Trevor and Amanda tied the knot. In other words, another blonde was put into the Olsen mix! And I am excited to have Amanda as an official member of the family.

We started off the day at the temple. (More pictures will come later they were on another camera)

Trevor and his BOYS at the temple.

Then they had a luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Brooklyn fell asleep on my lap for almost the whole thing!! It was so nice to eat without feeding her at the same time and I also got to listen to all of the speaches uninterrupted! On the way out the parking garage Brian got into a fight with the parking attendent, because he wouldn't let us out of the parking lot. We had a validation for all day. BUT we lost our parking ticket that says what time we got there. Brian had it about 15 minutes before we left but we think he lost it while playing with Brooklyn in the lobby. So the paking attendant wanted us to pay $20 for a lost ticket, but we had an all day pass so it didn't matter what time the ticket said we got there. So we sat there while my stubborn husband wouldn't move and the stubborn parking attendant would not open the gate. All the while, a line a cars behind us were all honking randomly. Brian decided to get out of the car and go the car behind us and ask him to back up so we could try to find the ticket inside/find a manager. I think the driver was so scared when he saw Brian walking over, because I think he thought Brian was going to yell at him for honking at us. Needless to say, the cars backed up and Brian found the event coordinator inside who came out to the parking garage, walked along the car with to the gate, and swipped her key card to let us out and there was nothing the parking attendant could do about it!! My stubborn husband won (in his mind)!

Then we were off to Stein Erickson Lodge for the reception. We started the night out with some family pictures. On the left side next to me is Maddy. Debi babysat her when she was little and has remained a close family friend. Plus, she is such a good babysitter for Brooklyn :)

These are Brian's Grandparents. Burke actually performed our wedding ceremony!

Our little family.

The princess with her grandma and grandpa out on the terrace.

The groom with his father.

Trevors friend Brad had these crazy nerdy glasses with no lenses, and I snapped a picture when Russ tried them on.

The miss and her daddy on the dance floor before the reception.

Here she is showing off her princess dress. Baylor is in the background showing off his GQ suit. I think this is the second best thing about weddings....looking at all of the cute kids dressed up.

The food was so amazing, as Stein's food normally is, including 4 kinds of lemonade, pasta bar (cooks present to prepare it to your liking), and salad bar.

One thing that I was not expecting was them to have a cake fight. You think you know people....
It was really cute though.

And the best part of the day was the dancing. We were all dancing fools, shakin it like a polaroid picture, droppin it like it was hot, takin off all our clothes, backin that thing up, and I could go on and on. We had a blast, even Brooklyn!! And we got a slow dance with the three of us. Obviously, the pictures below are some action shots. It got so cold up there that we were carrying around the little B in a blanket.

Brooklyn loves Trevor! No really, I am not just saying that. She lights up when he walks in a room and leans towards him with her arms up when she sees him. She will make noises until he pays attention to her. I have to fight her to get her out of his arms. I know she is going to miss not seeing him at Grandma's house during the day!

This is Brian with his best friend Trevor and fiance Sandee who are getting married on September 3rd. If you look close you can see Brad in the background with his glasses on.


  1. OMG Brooklyn looked so beautiful in her dress! Looks like it was such a wonderful day.

  2. It was such a fun wedding! And Brooklyn looked so stinking cute/beautiful in her dress! It's always fun when we can get together

  3. The wedding was a blast! Nothing like shaking your booty on the dance floor. And it's a good thing we could because it's the only thing that got me warm!!!


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