Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We took Brooklyn to the Zoo for the first time last Thursday. I only had to work a half day so I figured it was the perfect time to go. Plus, I thought she may be able to understand what is actually going on now.  I think the elephants were her favorite. Who doesn't like little baby Zuri? She was so adorable! We got there right as they were letting her out so she stayed pretty close to her mama and she was playing with the barrels.

My sister-in-law Anna came with us until Brian got there. I was so glad that she came because I don't think it would have been quite as fun with just me and little B.

This is little baby Zuri!!

I tried to get a picture of Brooklyn and Anna together and these were the best I could do. She is driving me crazy these days with her attachment issues. As long as she can see me you can bet that she is going to cry while anyone else holds her. (With the exception of Brian and both of her Grandmas) If I am not around she is fine, so I hear.

She loves to be pushed around in the stroller and people watch.

I think that she really liked the big animals the best because they are easy to see and don't move very quickly, as opposed to the quick little monkeys they have at several exhibits that she couldn't follow very well.

Brian came in the later afternoon just as Anna left. Her daddy sure makes her smile!! He spoiled her by carrying her around most of the time. He wanted her to get up close and personal with them. He was so enthusiastic about it, such an animal lover!! And of course we had to take Brooklyn's picture next to one of the three lion drinking fountains. I can't believe I let her touch that thing. Think of all the bacteria swimming in there. (Don't Brian's new glasses make him look studly, maybe like a Clark Kent thing? I think they are really cute on him. These are his first pair ever in his life.)
We got to see the elephant drink from the steam and splash a little bit. That was the first time I have ever seen that in person.
Oh and how did we measure up you might wonder?! It looks like the Olsen Family is quite taller and skinnier than the Ape family. However, notice the arm lengths. Yes, we are a little lurpy. Brian and I often joke about how long and skinny our family is going to be with these long arms and legs.


  1. how fun!! Brooklyn really is so stinking adorable!

  2. What a fun little trip to the Zoo! I love that you measured up to the Ape family. So fun!

  3. We love the Zoo :) Hailey is starting the Mommy phase. It's frustrating cause you are so happy they love you so much but sometimes enough is enough right?


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