Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bats about Halloween...In Honor of my Favorite Holiday

We have offically been in our house one year, as of August. Oh the wonderful world of home ownership.... I wish it came with a manual.  There are so many things I didn't realized happened with home ownership. The yard is constant maintanance, and I mean constant. You can guarantee that atleast a few nights a week we are out in the yard working on something. Things like fixing/replacing sprinklers, mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, weeding, trimming trees (does anyone else get those little trees growning at the base of your big tree, this is my nemesis?!), seeding, firtilizing, and that is just the outside. Now lets talk bugs....Ants in the house, again!! Not to mention the black widows living in the garage. Also, we have found four hornets nests this summer. And last but not least the mystery poo! There is a pile of poo at the base of our deck right next to the house.

It looked like it may be from a mouse, so we put up some traps. Nothing......Maybe a rat, so we put up a rat trap. Nothing......Brian even tried putting up his infra red trail camera to catch the perpetrater during the night. Nothing....After we heard a strange hissing one afternoon, we looked up and saw this little guy. A BAT!! Hanging on the house just over the mystery poo. It adds a scary realistic touch to the Halloween decor!! These guys are living in our attic vent along with some of the hornets! 

Notice the curled upper lip and showing teeth? Pretty scary!!

Did you know that bats are migratory. Yeah, I didn't either until we did a little research. Apparently they will fly south for the winter. Lets hope so!!

Don't worry, if they try to come back next year we'll be ready...


  1. holy crap! I would FREAK if I knew there was a bat living on/in/near my house! Very creepy and appropriate for the Holiday! :)

  2. So you know Halloween is my favorite holiday too... HOWEVER, I'm not jealous of your seasonal decor. That is nuts and TOTALLY creepy. At least you can add Batbuster to your resume.


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