Wednesday, November 10, 2010

JAZZED About Brian's Birthday!!!

On Sunday Brian turned 27!! I still can't believe he is that old! I would swear we are still 21. From the post title you might know how we themed Brian's birthday this year. WE ARE ALL JAZZED ABOUT THIS BASKETBALL SEASON!!
This was one of his birthday cakes. I made this one and Brian's mom made her famous chocolate sheet cake, that she makes every year.

And of course a birthday wouldn't be complete without balloons.

I decided to take it easy on him, rather than having him blow out 27 candles.

Brian danced with Brooklyn as we sang the "Happy Birthday" song.

Ready to blow....

Success....along with a spit free cake. He blew out the the candles but blocked the cake with his hand. He has been sick for about three weeks with a cold and didn't want to give it to anyone else. :)

Trevor and Amanda gave him a BBQ cover. (Something we definitely needed.)

While Brian was opening presents the little miss was picking her nose, something she picked up last week. No pun intended :)

She tried to help her daddy, but I think she was doing a little more playing than helping.

Brian's dad gave him a signed Deron Williams jersey!!!! (I might have known this was coming) Brian is so excited about this!! He has a serious obsession with Deron. I call it a man crush! He has been trying to get his old jersey signed for the last five years. This is the new home jersey that the Jazz debuted this season.

Rusty and Kristen gave him a Jazz hat.

Much to his suprise I gave him the same one! Out of all of the Jazz hats out there, we picked the exact same one. You know what the say!? Great minds think alike!!

I also gave him some new brown work shoes. Eccos are his favorite work shoes because of how comfortable they are. So he tells me. He also got some work clothes from Debi and I.

I would say he got pretty spoiled this year. He even got breakfast in bed. Brooklyn and I made him french toast.
I think this birthday got him even more excited about this Jazz basketball season!!


  1. Looks like he had a great Birthday!! Can't beat a Jazz themed birthday party!

  2. Happy Birthday BRIAN! I'm glad he liked the hat. I finally picked something that he likes!!! Wahooooo


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