Thursday, November 4, 2010


Our little ladybug....The costume, complete with red sparkly shoes.

Me helping to fix the costume. I was the mama ladybug for Halloween.

We showed up at Brian's parents house to trick-or-treat and I was almost peeing my pants laughing because Brooklyn was so scared of Brian's mask. She was holding on to me as tight as she could and whimpering. He couldn't put it on the rest of the night. She was so confused because she knew it was him, but she couldn't understand how/why he looked the way he did.
We took a family pic before we went off to get the little girl some candy. We went to the trunk-or-treat in Brian's parents neighborhood, because we thought it would be easier for Brooklyn to walk from car to car, rather than house to house. Our neighborhood didn't do one :(

We saw some familiar faces at the trunk-or-treat. This is Joel and the little bee is Nicole, who were visiting from Nevada.

And this is all of the candy that my little bug got!! She had many people at the trunk-or-treat put a few extra pieces in her bag, probably because she was the cutest lady bug there (I might be a little bias)!! :)

And I just had to throw this picture in. Brooklyn and I took turns wearing this cute spider headband the actual day of Halloween.


  1. Oh Brooklyn looked SOOO cute in her costume! I love it and she looks like she got a perfect amount for her little self. =) Glad you guys had a fun halloween!

  2. Brooklyn made an adorable lady bug! It was good to see you guys.

  3. Her costume turned out soooo cute! I'm sad I didn't get to see her in person. Glad you found some red shoes!


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