Monday, March 21, 2011


I recently had my first experience with poop in the tub. (Believe me I am very grateful I made it this far!!) Brooklyn loves her baths, as you can tell by the video on a previous post :) So one day she is having a good old time splashing away when she suddenly stops and tells me "poo-poo." (This is becoming the norm these days. She will tell me when she has gone "poo-poo" or "pee-pee.") Right after she told me, suddenly there were tub floaties everywhere. It freaked her out!! She quickly stood up, and while whimpering, reached her arms up saying "up" over and over again. I quickly grapped the slippery little lady and scrubbed her off in mine and Brian's shower. Since then she is freaked out about it happening again. If she feels like she needs to go, she will tell me she need to get out and she asks for a diaper to be put on asap. Who knew she would be so concerned about her bowel movements?!

P.S. I left the pictures out of this one for a reason :)


  1. That is really funny! That only happened to us once and it was when Makayla was super little. Thats a good sign that she tells you she needs to go and is aware of it. I'd try potty training her, she might get the hang of it really quick!

  2. Kam did that for the first time when we were in Utah at the beginning of this month. It was a very similar situation. She was freaking that it was in the tub with her. So funny, but not so fun to clean up!

    BTW, love your family picture at the top :)

  3. Your new family pic looks so nice! How funny she is so aware of her situation.


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