Thursday, March 17, 2011


Last minute on Saturday March 5th we decided to go to Jimmer's last game playing in the Marriott Center. We had to pay a small fortune for the tickets but it was worth it!! He scored 32 points in the 102 77 win against wyoming.

Since it was so last minute Brooklyn didn't get to wear her BYU cheerleading outfit but believe me she has one!

She still cheered on her Team!

Brian will make sure this little girl loves BYU sports!! He is teaching her how to say Jimmer, or maybe teaching her "how to Jimmer" :)

On the way home we stopped by the hospital to see Bethanie's new baby. And I had to take some pictures of this precious little girl. She has olive skin and very dark hair. My sister's other child, Willliam, has blonde hair and blue eyes, they couldn't be more opposite. Brooklyn was not such a big fan of me holding her and the whole time in the hospital would say, "shhhh baby na night."


  1. Totally jealous that you got to go see Jimmer!! We are hoping that BYU and USU play in the sweet sixteen game. :) One can always hope!

  2. Teach me how to Jimmer.... teach me, teach me how to Jimmer...
    What a fun game! And congrats on being an aunt again. She is darling!

  3. Love the cheerleading outfit!! :) I don't think we'll ever get to experience the Jimmer in real life... unless the Jazz pick him up?!? :)


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