Monday, October 3, 2011

Look Whoo Turned Two

On September 13th, our little girl turned two!! Brian and I took the day off to spend it with her. We decided to take her to the aquarium by our house. These are some pics from our adventure. She had a lot of fun!

On September 14th we had her party. Your invited.....

The cake

The decorations

Some of the guests...

This was the second attempt at blowing out the candles. The first time we sang happy birthday she wanted nothing to do with the cake. She was just too excited about having her cousins over so all she wanted to do was play :)

The presents....She liked the wrapping paper almost more than her presents!!

She got a new baby, complete with a crib, rocking horse, and bottles. Brooklyn absolutely loves babies (real or plastic). She is so nurturing and loves to wrap her babies and/or stuffed animals up in her blankies.

She also got a kitchen, a car, books, a picnic set, and a doll house. So now the question is what is Santa going to bring for Christmas?!

We love this litte girl more than life itself and feel so blessed to have her!
Happy Birthday to our Brooklyn girl!

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  1. Happy Birthday Brooklyn! We're glad we could share her special day with you guys!


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