Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh To Be Two

Some updates that go along with her being two:
- Height: 34.5 inches (80%)
- Weight: 24 lbs (25%)
- Oh boy does this girl sing!! She sings about everything she is doing and makes up her own songs. She sings the entire alphabet, "twinkle, twinkle little star"(after only hearing it one time), the disney junior commercials, sesame street songs, mickeymouse clubhouse songs, and the list goes on and on.
- She counts to 15 and knows all of her colors and shapes.
- She spells her name (she has actually done this since 18 months).
- She will tell you how old she is.
- She will finally let me do her hair sometimes :)
- They call her the "the counselor" in nursery because she tells the ones who are crying, "It's ok, momma and dadda right back."
- Finally, some Brooklyn-isms:
 If you are walking away from her she will say "wait, I'm coming,"
If I do something she wants me to do she will say, "good girl momma,"
If you ask her what she is doing she will tell you that she is "playing with (whoever she is with),"
If she notices you are upset or distressed she will tell you "it's ok,"
Every task is "Brooklyn do,"
If I catch her doing something she is not suppose to, she will tell me to "stay mamma," (if come closer I can see what she is doing:)),
If there are big and small sizes of the same thing, the smaller one will inevitably have a "baby" prefix,
She claps her hands calling you over like a dog saying "here dadda,"
Or she says random things like "where's woody's hat?," "cars are ouchie," "watch out."
Last but certainly not least, she says "I love you." (melts my heart!)
Some two year old pictures


  1. what a little smarty pants!! You should be a proud momma she sounds like a sweetheart!

  2. Way cute! Happy Birthday to Brooklyn! You have such a cute family.


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