Friday, February 12, 2010

Goodnights Sleep

Dear Goodnights Sleep,

How long I have waited for you and finally you are here. So long we have been apart with middle of the night feedings and Brooklyn's tossing and turning. With little B on solid foods and sleeping 10 hours, we can be together again. I thought our recent meetings for the last couple of weeks could have been a fluke but it is pretty evident you are here to stay. Thank you for coming back, how I missed you so!


A No Longer SLeEp DePriVeD MoM


  1. so glad you found our blog! Definitely will have to follow you as well, you have such a beautiful family!! Your baby is gorgeous!! :)

  2. Brooklyn is adorable! I am jealous of all her hair except I would have no idea how to do anything with it so maybe I am lucky there with Alexa having so little...I'm glad you're on here so we can keep in touch!


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