Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunday Travels

     I know this is horrible to do(and we are bad people for doing it) but it was our stake conference on Sunday and we ditched out to go visit my parents and my grandma. First, we went to my parents house. For those of you who have not seen or heard about it, here is the little bungalow (13,000 sq feet). This is the google street view when it was being built. We went to see the new carpet that was just put in. It is actually a house now, funiture and all! I thought it would never been done. It has been three years in the making.

     Then we went to my Grandma Gardiner's ( B's Great Grandma) house. Where B was talking up a storm but not at first. She has started this new thing where she does an anxiety cry when she sees people that she doesn't see very often. You know the kind, with the quick huff and puff right before she starts the cry. I can easily calm her down, but I am not sure why she is doing it. After about twenty minutes she was fine and my grandma could hold her no problem. I am not to sure about this new anxiety, but her new blowing rasberries talent is pretty cute. My Grandma was talking away with Brooklyn and when I asked for a picture she was all worried about her hair not being combed.
     My Grandma will be 90 this year in May and she isn't very happy about telling people. She doesn't seem that old to me because she still fully takes care of herself and her mind is still very on top of things. She will ask about specific details in your life. She also reads multiple books a week and when she has read them all, she will read them again! I'm talking thousands of pages in a month!!

By the way, this is the essence of my Grandma. She is the best cook!!
"Pan Cookies"

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