Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caitlin Millie Breagger

7 lbs 6oz
18.5 inches long
Born at 12:44 am

Just a few pictures I took using my new camera :)

My sister had been dilated to a five and 100% effaced for two weeks now, so needless to say we thought Caitlin was going to come a lot sooner, but she ending up having her only a week away from her due date. Alicia has been really sick this pregnancy, even to the point of having to receive IVs in order to achieve adequate nutrition. She only gained 6 pounds her entire pregnancy, so we were pleasantly surprised at how big she came out.
I thought I would share a little bit of Alicia's delivery experience since it is quite a unique story. As I have said before, in my family after your first baby the next ones come quite quickly. The doctor called her late on 05/09/10 and said that there were very few women at the hospital and if she wanted to come in and have the baby this would be a perfect time. So she went in around 10:00 pm and they started a slow pitocin drip around 11:30 pm. She started to feel a few contractions around 12:00 am. She went to the bathroom around 12:20 am and while in there her water broke. Then she laid back on the bed and told the nurse that she was ready for the epidural. She also told the nurse that she was having the urge to push. When the nurse sat her up to check her, she saw the babies head crowning. The nurse yelled down the hall to the doctor and he litterally ran in and caught the baby!! No Gown, No Gloves, No Epidural, No Time!!! She didn't have to push once and had maybe ten contractions. The doctor said that it was a good thing that she didn't start her labor on her own because she would have never made it to the hospital!!
The boys happy to see their mom :)
Caitlin and her favorite aunt!!
Proud Grandpa of 10 (4 girls, 6 boys) sharing his birthday with this new little princess!
Proud Great Grandma of 10 (my dad is an only child)!
My Brother and his wife, Anna, with the baby
Gareth holding his B Bear
Brooklyn with her new baby cousin and new best friend! However, she has lots of cousins to play with her same age. On my side there is Samuel, William, and Caitlin and on Brian's side there is Baylor. It is crazy to think that little B was once this small, plus an extra pound and a half when she came out. You forget how small they are. She is growing up way too fast!!
These two already share a bond, if you take Caitlin's  and Brooklyn's middle names you get "Millie Marie," which was my Great Grandmother's name.
Brooklyn pointing at Caitlin (She points at everything these days!)


  1. What a cutie, and what a fast labor! That is crazy! Brooklyn looks so cute with her.

  2. What a crazy story! I'm so glad she went in to get started so she didn't have her in the car!!! She is really cute, congrats auntie!

    Your blog looks super cute. I love all the new pics :)


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