Thursday, May 13, 2010

8 Months!!

About a week ago I walked into Brooklyn's room in the morning and found her like this, standing up all on her own. When she wakes up she has some pretty cute bed hair, and this is how she got the nickname, "Crazy Hair." (There is that little pointing finger again)
She is learning so many new things like using furniture to stand and crawling pretty efficiently, but she has yet to cruise furniture. I am continually finding things in her mouth that shouldn't be there and vacuuming a lot more often.
However, this is no longer sufficient for her, she is now trying to stand up all on her own.
She loves to read and eat books (with her four teeth). This is her favorite, "Little Chick"
She also loves her tongue. I think those teeth feel a little funny to her.
And when she has used up all of her energy she takes longer naps than she use to, which is so helpful to getting things done around the house.
She is also understanding a lot more and will now give snuggles, lay on our sholders, and sometimes even fall asleep that way. It feels so rewarding!! She now says lots of gibberish and is learning how to make different sounds, the latest being "ba ba ba." 
I love being Brooklyn's mom and feel so blessed to have her! Sometimes I look at her and think there is no way she can be mine because she is so beautiful. Granted....I am a little bias.


  1. So very cute!! Does she ever stop smiling?

  2. So cute!! I can't believe how big she is getting! She really is adorable!

  3. So cute Brit. We should get Brooklyn and Adalae together. I bet they would have fun now that they are mobile.

  4. They are growing up way too fast! She is adorable, I love that you can see her teeth when she smiles now.

    And if she's anything like Baylor, it won't be long before those cute little letters above her crib find there way off the wall ;)

    I can't believe she's already 8 months!!!


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