Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April Showers

On Saturday Brian and I went skiing. When we came home that night I did my usual watering of our two plants, which have sucessfully been alive for 8 months (a new record!!!). On the way to our corner plant I spilled a little water, maybe a few drops. When Brian walked by, he noticed some water and asked me how much I had spilled. He noticed a lot more water than that!! There was a swampy area in one quadrant of the room. You could hear the water squishing with each step!
A plumber came by yesterday, luckily we've got a home warranty, and found that we had a leak from the pipe that was going to the toilet (not sewage!!). Water had been running underneath the wall for quite some time. It did not affect any of the walls because there is roughly an inch or so between the cement under the carpet and floor boards.

So currently the carpet is ripped up and fans are going 24-7 to get the carpet aired out, and the carpet pad has been thrown away to prevent molding. Now the question is, do we replace the carpet that we wanted to a little later down the road or keep the old and replace it later?

1 comment:

  1. Bummer! At least you caught it before it went into the walls! Glad you got the carpet up and some fans on it.


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