Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday At The Olsen Household

My Mom watches Brooklyn on Wednesdays so she was over at our house yesterday. My sister brought over her two boys while she went and got her hair done. Whenever my Mom watches multiple kids she always has some funny stories to tell me when I get home.
My nephew Noah, who is three almost four, got into our pantry and grabbed a box of mac and cheese. He went through the drawers and found some oven mits, which he proceeded to put on, and put the box of mac and cheese in the oven. I guess he was cavin' some mac and cheese, what kid doesn't? Noah was already eating food so my Mom put everything away. A little later she found the box and the oven mits in the oven again! I thought that was so funny! How does a three year old know to put on oven mits on if he is going to open the oven and does it without even being told to? The oven wasn't even on.
When little B tries to communicate, especially with other kids, she does a delighted squeal with intermittent "hi"s and "da da da"s. Noah and Connor, who is one almost two, tried talking back to her with their own version of these sqeals. My Mom said it was hilarious to watch these little boys try to reach the pitch that she was talking at. Also, Connor would find her binkis around the house and come up and put them in her mouth. When she was trying to play with her toys, he kept telling her "no no no!" He thought all of the toys were there for his brother and him. Too funny!
Later when I got home from work, I noticed that Brooklyn was chewing on her binki pretty good and I saw that her other bottom tooth popped out!! This really surpised me because her top left tooth is almost out (there is a thin layer of skin over the tooth but you can almost see the whole thing). I hadn't even noticed the bottom one because I was so focused on the top tooth. So we are expecting that top one to come anytime. For having all of her teeth coming in at once, she is a surprisingly pleasant girl!!
This same sister, Alicia, is pregnant with a girl due in three and a half weeks! She went to the doctor yesterday and found out that she is 75% effaced and dilated to a four! Needless to say she could come at anytime! She has to watch out because in my family after your first baby the others come within two hours of labor so her doctor told her to get to the hospital asap when she goes into labor. I am so excited because they are going to be in the same grade and this is Brooklyn's first girl cousin her age. The only other girl cousins she has are four and fourteen.

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