Monday, April 19, 2010

Gone Fishing

With this warm weather we have been having, it is getting me excited about the summer and all of our summer traditions. One of which is fishing.... Brian and I will go to one of the ponds around our house or we take a short drive up the canyon and fish in the river. We have been doing this ever since we dated. Before him I had only been a few times and now it is something that I really enjoy doing with him. It is something he loves to do especially while camping with his dad. (There will also be plenty of camping to come.) He is my true OUTDOORS MAN!!
He always catches the most fish no matter who we go with and I never even have to bait my own hook. He always does it for me!! I know ,spoiled right?!

We are excited to take Brooklyn fishing too. Although she has already been a few time while in my belly.
Last year for a couple months, he even taught a group of ten year olds to fish. He also taught my niece and nephews. Here we are with my sister, Christie, and her kids and this is the big fish we ended up with!!  

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