Friday, April 30, 2010

The Big 2-5!!

On Monday I turned the big 2-5 (a quarter century)!! I wasn't expecting such a huge ordeal but I guess Brian was trying to make it special because this birthday is kind of a land mark. Because it was on Monday we got to celebrate it all weekend. On Friday we went the Jazz game, which they won!! It was so much fun! Playoff games are always so fun because the arena is so loud and the crowd really gets into it. 
And this was Brian's dad jumping into the picture.
Brian surprised me on Saturday by calling all of our friends to go out to eat (not everyone could make it) but it nice to get us all together.
Sunday we invited my family over for dinner. My sisters came over with their kids as well as my parents and grandma, but my two brothers couldn't make it. My brother Gareth was studying for finals and my other brother Steven wasn't feeling well. My other sister Christie was also not there because she lives in Colorado.
This is my dad holding Brooklyn.
This is my sister, Alicia, 8.5 months pregnant watching B Bear (this is what my family calls her because that is what they called me growing up) crawl.
This is my sister, Bethanie, with William and her husband Steve.
When it came time for cake, all of the kids were fascinated with the candles.
On Monday when I got home from work I walked in from the garage just as Brian was snapping a picture of me. He sat out my presents on the table because he was so excited to give them to me. He always knows just what to get me.
Then we went out to eat with Brian's family at Tepanyaki. It was especially delicious! Brian's dad split sushi with me since we are the only ones that like it and Kristen tried it for the first time.
Brooklyn snuggling Grandma.

I now know why Brian was so excited to give me my birthday presents. He got me my first SLR camera. I was so surprised he got it! He knew that I wanted a nice camera, I just didn't think he was actually going to buy one. In addition, he also got me a zoom lense. 
My other birthday gifts consisted of jewelry, a blow dryer, a cd, an apron, clothes, and a manicure & pedicure gift certificate. I truly got spoiled this year!


  1. Looks like you had an awesome birthday! Way to go Brian!

  2. Oh my goodness your house looks exactly like the Sheide's old house! Crazy. Looks like your birthday was a blast. Totally jealous of the camera, you will have to let me know if you like it. I can't decide between a Nikon or Canon.

  3. Sounds like you had fun! Your daughter is so beautiful! and I'm jealous you have such a nice camera. We've been wanting a nice camera since forever, we just keep puting it off. By the time we have our second we will for sure get a better one though. heh

  4. You will LOVE your camera!!! That is exciting! I am glad you had such a fun birthday! :) Brooklyn is so darling!!


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